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From Page 3 to Top 3, Ranking In Local Search

From Page 3 to Top 3, Ranking In Local Search

If you are running a local business anywhere in the world, it is extremely important to be ranking in Google for local search terms, especially if you want to grow your business.

Being ranked in Google for competitive local terms could be the difference between owning a thriving business and owning a struggling business.

In this post we are going to run through a case study from one of our current clients to demonstrate why you need to be ranked for local searches, how powerful being ranked for just one keyword can be for your business, and how you can do it too!

In this case, we were able to get our solar client ranked for “best solar company in san diego”, which is a very competitive keyword due to the intent behind the search. I will talk more about this later but first I want to go over why getting ranked is crucial for your local business.

Ranking for Local Searches Can Drive Millions of Dollars in Revenue a Year.

So why should you get your business ranked in Google for local search terms? The simple answer is, it drives revenue, and I mean a lot of revenue. Having a top position in Google will give your business free exposure and consistently bring new customers through your doors for as long as you maintain your top ranking.

Even ranking for just one competitive keyword could bring your local business hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue a year. This is why it is extremely important for any and every local business in America to get ranked in Google.

A Little Bit of Info About Our Client

Our client in this case study is Solare Energy. They are a solar company located in San Diego, California and they have been doing business there for more than 25 years. They knew that being ranked in Google for competitive local keywords could really help their business, but they just didn’t know how to get themselves there.

This is where we come in. We took a look at their current situation and formulated a strategy that we would use to get them ranked for local search terms which in turn bring customers to their business and move the needle.

In the case of this client, even bringing in one customer a month would generate them $25,000 of net profit each month.

How We Were Able to Drive $75,000 of Net Profit a Month

Before I talk about how we got our client ranked, I would like to first talk about our client’s goals and the results we were able to bring them.

The goal of this marketing campaign was simple, and that was to get them ranked for competitive local search terms. In about 2 months we ended up getting ranked in the number 3 position for the keyword “best solar company in san diego”.

Top 3 Local Ranking

According to Google’s Keyword Planner, this exact term gets, on average, 140 searches a month.


Now, just because we hold the number 3 position for this term, does not mean we will get all 140 of these searchers every month. According to a study by Moz, being in the 3rd position, we can expect to capture 10% of these searches each and every month.

CTR Study by

Knowing, this we can expect to capture 14 clicks a month, or 168 clicks a year.

Although 14 clicks a month does not sound like much, it is actually huge because of the intent behind the keyword that is being searched.

When someone types in “best solar company in san diego”, they have already done their research regarding solar power, considered the benefits of going solar, and have decided to find the best solar company in their local area that will get the job done for them.

In other words, this keyword has a huge amount of buyer intent. And the higher the buyer intent, the more competitive the keyword. This is because there is a much higher probability of these clicks converting into sales.

For example, our client is able to convert at least 20% of the clicks that come from this search. And remember, for every new customer our client gets, they generate $25,000 in net profits.

So with just this one local ranking, we are able to bring our clients 14 clicks a month, all of which have a very large amount of buyer intent.

Our client is able to convert 20% of these clicks into sales each month which brings than an additional 2.8 or 3 customers a month. For each of these customers, our client generates $25,000.00 of net profit on average.

This means with just this one local ranking, we are able to generate an additional $75,000 of net profit for our client every month. This averages out to $900,000 of net profit a year. 

Being ranked for just one local keyword could be what separates you and your business from earning an additional million dollars a year in net profit. 

The Steps We Took To Get Them Ranked

Whenever we take on a new client, we first look at where they currently stand in relation to their ranking goals in order to determine if there is any previous work that was done, that we need to redo or if we can jump right into our new campaign.

In this case, our client’s previous SEO service provider performed a lot of spammy work that we had to fix. This led us to our first step:

Clean Up Your Current Backlink Portfolio

When we first started, our client had what most would consider a spammy backlink profile. According to SEM Rush, we found that 10% of the current backlinks were toxic, and 6% were potentially topic.

Starting Backlink Profile

Something to note is that the SEM Rush backlink tool is not the end all be all of backlink graders. Any links that are labeled toxic are ones you will need to remove and we recommend that you manually inspect the links that are potentially toxic and determine which ones can stay and which ones need to go on your own.

Any links that are labeled toxic are ones you will need to remove and we recommend that you manually inspect the links that are potentially toxic to determine which ones can stay and which ones need to go.

Once we identified which links needed to get removed we threw the linking domains into our client’s disavow file to let Google know that we do not want these links to be factored in when determining our rankings.

After disavowing all of the toxic links we found our client had a much healthier link portfolio with only 4% of their links being considered potentially toxic, all of which we manually inspected and found that they were not actually toxic.

Cleaned Up Backlink Profile

With our backlink profile cleaned up, we now could move onto the next phase of our campaign.

Local Citations Are a MUST If You Want Local Rankings

One of the most important things you can have when targeting local keywords are local business citations. These really are the bread and butter of local rankings.

Before we can build any local citations, we must find any and all errors present in our current citations and correct them. In this case, we used a great citation tool called Yext to scan our client’s citations and we found 47 errors.

Citation Errors

Once we corrected all of the errors we found with our current citations, we set out to build a few more in order to give the client’s website that extra juice.

Keep in mind, you do not want to be super aggressive when building citations and you really only want to build citations that are either niche or location relevant.

If you do go too crazy when building citations, you could be penalized so again, do not be very aggressive when doing this.

High-Quality Guest Posting For Extra Link Juice

Now that we had all of our citations properly setup and built out, it was time to move onto the last phase of our campaign. This is where we perform email outreach to land high-quality guest posting opportunities.

High-Quality guest posts are great because they are completely white-hat and Google friendly, they increase your brand’s awareness, your website’s trust, and authority, and they often provide the remaining link juice necessary to really bump up your rankings.

In this case, we started with a pretty aggressive link building campaign which allowed us to build more than 20 high-quality guest posts in 30 days, some on very powerful websites such as and the Huffington Post.

Once we landed our guest posts for that extra additional link juice, it was time to wait and let Google do its thing.

In Conclusion

As you can see in the image below our client was bouncing around positions 29 and 25 for nearly 2 months. This is because it takes a lot longer to rank than it used to. Then once Google saw the work we did and they liked what they saw, Google bumped our client from position 27 to position 3.

Tracking Local Keywords

And there you have it, folks. The steps laid out above are the exact steps we took to land our client a top 3 position for a very competitive local keyword that is generating them $75,000 of net profit a month.

If you have any questions or comments about the method we used, please drop us a line in the comments below.

Also if you are struggling to get your business ranked in Google and would like some help, fill out our discovery form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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